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Wikirating, Baserank and Weiss Crypto Ratings join forces

Wikirating has today joined forces with Baserank and Weiss Ratings in a strategic alliance to support independent and reliable ratings for Bitcoin and hundreds of other digital assets.

Starting now, all digital coins and tokens covered by Weiss Crypto Ratings and Baserank are also available and regularly updated on Wikirating. Plus, for easy comparison by investors across ratings agencies and asset classes, including stocks and bonds, the grade scale of each crypto ratings firm is mapped to a common standard (AAA to D).

“We believe that, for a lasting adoption of crypto-based assets, it is crucial to have independent and trustworthy sources for their appropriate evaluation – and Wikirating can ensure this” says Dorian Credé, chairman of Wikirating.

“This is a major breakthrough for the industry,” said Dr. Martin D. Weiss, Founder of Weiss Ratings. “For the first time, digital and traditional asset investors all over the world will have a single access point for independent crypto ratings – all with a common standard that cuts through the hype and is free from conflicts of interest.”

“Baserank is able to provide crowd-based ratings of hundreds of cryptoassets, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to recently released cryptoassets like Uniswap token (UNI). We are very pleased that Wikirating has identified Baserank as one of the first reliable crypto rating firms and includes our ratings now,” adds Ondřej Pilný, CEO and co-founder of Baserank.

Wikirating starts with 244 cryptocurrencies/tokens (which includes the top 100 ones by market cap, as of December 2020) and will continuously expand the list.



About Baserank
Baserank is a crypto asset research platform that publishes Crypto Assets Ratings aggregated from the top crypto experts. Baserank’s mission is to help investors save time researching crypto assets, avoid dead projects or scams, and find crypto unicorns that have the potential to disrupt entire industries. More info at

About Weiss Crypto Ratings
Weiss Ratings, which began rating traditional assets in 1971, launched the world’s first cryptocurrency ratings in January of 2018. The firm provides a combination of five critical advantages for users: The broadest coverage, the strictest independence, complete objectivity, high ethics and a commitment to safety. More info at

About Wikirating
Wikirating is a worldwide independent, transparent and collaborative organization for credit ratings. It offers an open and centralized place for all credit rating related topics, and credit ratings for countries, corporations and other financial products. Wikirating unites rating experts, economists and investors. More info at