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Experts Board

Current board members (in alphabetical order):

  • Norbert Gaillard, PhD, key expert on sovereign topics[1]Personal website of Norbert Gaillard
  • William J. Harrington, MBA Finance, key expert on structured finance topics[2]Interview with William Harrington at ARD broadcast “Plusminus – Ausgeratet: Ratingagenturen am Pranger” – broadcasted 2013-05-15
  • Marc Joffe, MBA/MPA, key expert on sub-Sovereign public sector topics[3]theguardian profile – Marc Joffe – retrieved 2013-12-23.
  • Stephan Krushev, PhD, expert on general credit risk topics
  • Ann Rutledge, MBA, key expert on structured finance topics
  • Dennis Shen, MPA, key expert on sovereign credit risk topics

Wikirating is always seeking for credit ratings experts who are willing to join the board – please apply! You can also recommend or nominate somebody you think could be qualified to join the Experts Board.

About the Experts Board

The Experts Board on Wikirating is a group of worldwide finance experts from academic and business backgrounds. Their mission is to review, challenge and assess credit rating topics. Each member of the board has agreed to put his expertise at the disposal of the Wikirating project and provide their experience.

Who belongs to the board?
  • Physical and identified persons only
  • Persons with recognized skills and experience in the fields of credit rating and risk analysis
Tasks of the board members
  • Comment and assess the proposals of rating topics, especially rating methods – a qualified feedback is required (100-400 words)
  • Comment and assess credit ratings, especially for countries and corporations – according to requirements
  • Acceptance/refusal of new expert applications for the board
Terms and disclaimer
  • All members of the Experts Board agree to freely join the board.
  • All members of the board agree to be identified, with first name, last name and profession. Anonymous participation is not permitted.
  • The work, analyses and opinions of the board members are based on volunteering contribution; i.e. board members are in no case paid by Wikirating or by a third party.
  • The work, analyses and opinions of the board members are provided to the Wikirating community under the Creative Commons license conditions.