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Rating Methods

Rating methods proposed (or under development) (in alphabetical order)

    • Rating Method Altman Z-score[1]See
    • Rating Method Balanced-Score Card Approach (BSC)[2]The Balanced-score card approach was introduced and popularized by Kaplan and Norton (1992) as a strategic performance management tool, using a semi-standardized structured report. The method is less … Continue reading
    • Rating Method Corporation Wikirating Index (CWI)
    • Rating Method Country Risk
    • Rating Method Intellectual Capital (IC)
    • Rating Method Kelly Criterion[3]White paper, original source: Crediteye’s thoughts
    • Rating Method Option Pricing[4]Rosenberger (2003). Risk-adjusted Lending Conditions. John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN 0-470-84752-2.
    • Rating Method Structured Finance Wikirating Index (SFWI)


If you are interested to develop (or enhance) one of these proposed rating methods, do not hesitate to contact us.

Rating methods from credit rating agencies

  • A.M. Best Rating Services – Rating methodologies (external link) – registration needed.
  • DBRS – Rating methodologies (external link) – registration needed.
  • Egan-Jones Ratings – Rating methodologies (external link)
  • Fitch Ratings – Rating methodologies (external link)
  • HR Ratings de México – Rating methodologies (external link)
  • Japan Credit Rating Agency – Rating methodologies (external link)
  • Kroll Bond Rating Agency[5]Formerly known as Lace Financial Corp.Rating methodologies (external link) – registration needed.
  • Moody’s Investors Services – Rating methodologies (external link) – registration needed.
  • Scope Ratings – Rating methodologies – visit the sub-menu “Methodologies”  (external link)
  • S&P Global Ratings[6]Formerly known as Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services.Rating methodologies (external link) – registration needed.