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Data (Countries)

Basic facts

Basic facts of a country include: GDP (PPP)[1]GDP = Gross Domestic Product, PPP = Purchasing Power Parity, GDP (PPP) per capita, currency, area, population, organization memberships (UN, EU, OECD) and location


Account balance


GDP growth rate


Inflation rate


Public debt (in % of GDP)


Unemployment rate




Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)


Fragile States Index (FSI)[2]formerly ‘Failed States Index’


Global Competitiveness Index (GCI)[3]The World Economic Forum / Global Competiveness Index Full Rankings available / The WEF Global Competitiveness Report – 2011–2012


Human Development Index (HDI)


Human Sustainable Development Index (HSDI)


Political Instability Index (PII)


Other Data and Sources


Poll Ratings




Public Sector Credit Framework (PSCF)[5]See Rating Method Public Sector Credit Framework


Papers and Publications